Day 2-fat, fat and more fat

100 grams daily–to be exact! Ha!

This Ketogenic diet is quite the learning curve for me right now! I’ve done quite a few healthy eating plans, most of them to help combat my neurological issues–but I don’t believe I’ve ever made a goal to eat 100 grams of fat a day! ๐Ÿ™‚ This is extremely different for me and I’ve spent a LOTย of time on My Fitness Pal yesterday and today inputing carbs/calories/protein and fat amounts, to see where I sit with things. What an interesting mix of ratio amounts, and especially keeping the carbs as low as I am. I can’t wait til it becomes a little more second-nature and I can have a better idea of it all!

I had a couple of times today where I felt really spacey and tired and realized I needed to eat more fat to make up for the fact that I’m eating so few carbs. I hear that is such an important thing to do, to keep energy up.

I have a lot to learn but I am so determined! I love being accountable to my doctor instead of just myself, and hoping I’ll see some sort of results at my visit next Thursday and at least be in ketosis, if nothing else.

Sorry today’s blog post is pretty boring! I’m exhausted by the busyness of the day and also because I’m adjusting to things, I’m sure. The first few days are the hardest I hear but I am excited about getting in the groove! I would love any suggestions you all have for me if you could leave them in the comments. Thanks so much!


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