Day 3-Keto flu

Today is brutal. I’m almost glad I didn’t know it was coming until it happened and I googled my symptoms to see what I might be dealing with. Turns out it’s Keto flu, as most call it. I’m almost strangely excited to know I’m making progress and that I am completely normal, even though I feel pretty junky right now. My symptoms are mostly issues related to my stomach yesterday and today, and now major weakness and fatigue tonight. Very strange feeling, knowing that I feel sick that it’s almost to be expected and it will push me to the “other side”, into ketosis.

Here is some great info on how to treat it, in case any of you wind up in the same spot as me:

It’s hard not to be down on myself when I have a hard time staying  below 30 grams of carbs a day. IT IS HARD! Today I got up to probably 45 grams of carbs. UGH  I am constantly tracking right now  while I’m on this huge learning curve and trying to figure out what are some great low-carb or carb-free options of things I can eat. I am grateful that I’m not entirely new to l0w-carb eating since paleo is naturally more low-carb than the normal american diet but still….this is a whole new level that I am trying to learn right now. I’ve been researching lots of ideas for food tonight so I am more equipped to do this in the weeks to come.

Onward and upward towards health and healing! Cheers!


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