Day 4:Getting in the groove

I am hoping to start blogging in the morning more when my mind is fresh and I’m not about to fall asleep on my computer. Oh well, it’s a start I guess! 😉

Keto flu continued again today, but as I told Dr Hutton, it’s a little easier to feel sick like this when at least I know it’s “normal”, and I know it will eventually pass. It’s pretty miserable though,  because it feels like a stomach bug, complete w my stomach upset and feeling nauseous. Quite lovely, I know. ha It came and went throughout the day as I attempted to keep my fats, electrolytes and sodium levels up enough to try to calm things down a little.

Over all though, I felt a little better today than yesterday, and I was thrilled to find I was at least in slight ketosis this morning when I did the ketone check.

The things I’ve been experiencing even just in the last few days remind me how much vision is needed in our lives. Without it, I think we really just flounder, and have trouble maintaining and persevering with anything in life. But, because of this vision and dream I have–a vision of health and healing in my life, of so many dreams I have and things I want to do, it keeps me pressing forward through pain and discomfort, towards the goals, the dreams, the passions, the vision of things that God has placed in my heart to do in my lifetime, hopefully. This diet is part of my healing process that is the gateway to all of those things, I truly believe. I am so thankful for God’s plan for my life and for His grace to help me get through these difficult days and on to many brighter ones!

Thank-you all for your support, your prayers and your kind words and feedback. I couldn’t do this without you!

Cheers to day 4!


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