Day 9: No more lies

I can’t even begin to properly express how excited I get reading articles like this:

I have felt so hopeless at times over the years in dealing with Multiple Sclerosis, that I could almost weep when I now begin daydreaming and daring to believe that I CAN see healing and recovery in my body, and possibly not have to watch my health slowly deteriorate over the years, as at times I have feared possible.

For the last 9 years, as I’ve dealt with the awfulness of this neurological auto-immune disease and all the setbacks and disabilities I have endured, I am now realizing I have unknowingly tucked away dreams and desires in a corner of my heart, believing I was doomed to just battling out this disease in a reactive position, without moving ahead in life. I have even believed the lie that I’ve missed the boat, that it’s too late to dream (I know, I know–I’m only almost 34 in a couple of weeks, but still….), too late to accomplish much, that I’m not going to have much to even offer anyone. Wow, it all sounds so awful to put it on paper, so to speak.

Lately though, since working with this new functional doctor and beginning the new ketogenic diet, I feel this lie slowly dissolving in my heart and mind. I’m beginning to dream again, to believe that I have God-given gifts and talents that I will be able to use, that I CAN and WILL be a world changer!

Its hard to describe how this feels, besides to say, incredibly empowering. I feel more alive than I ever have in my entire life, and I feel as if I want to take on the world! 🙂

I now see I was told a LIE, and I believed it! It was a lie to try to hold me back from my potential, to keep me from dreaming of everything I can accomplish in my lifetime, with God’s help. It was meant to make me feel stuck in my circumstances, and like damaged goods, not good for much.

The truth is: I have been created with purpose and destiny. I have been called. I have been chosen. God is redeeming my circumstances and giving me beauty for the ashes of my life.

I pray these words would speak to anyone of you who also have struggled with lies like I have. This is the truth that God speaks to us, we don’t have to believe the lies any longer!

If anyone of you need someone to talk to or pray with you, please contact me and I will pray for you and help put you in touch with the right resources of people who can speak truth to you.

Life is too short to settle for believing lies!





One thought on “Day 9: No more lies

  1. Kathy says:

    Tears in my eyes…you are an inspiration to many including me. Keep fighting the fight, Elizabeth, and don’t believe the lies.


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