Day 11: failures vs successes

Today I have been thinking about how quick I am to beat myself over  not being as close to perfection as I would like to be, instead of celebrating victories-no matter how small!

After 11 days on this new diet, I have no idea why but I have been super hungry and craving carbs since yesterday. Sigh! I don’t feel like I’m in “the zone” but not sure why. Hopefully things correct themselves on their own? Despite my disapointment because of this, I am proud that I only ate 40 grams of carbs today and tried instead of fill up on lots of fats. It could have been a lot worse. I believe I got approx 110 grams of fat, and approx 40 of protein. I hope tomorrow is easier!

curious if anyone else has run into this and if anyone knows what  it means. I’m afraid it means I’m not in ketosis, although I certainly hope not!



2 thoughts on “Day 11: failures vs successes

  1. fattytomend says:

    I ran into this around the same time the first time I tried keto. From day nine to day 13 I just had crazy sugar cravings. It’s a carb withdrawal. I also felt more tired and almost jittery. I went back to carbs on day 14 but this time I know whats coming. Once you get past the withdrawal it’s easier


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