Day 14: Ketosis no more?

What in the world?! Ahh what a  moment this afternoon at my doctor’s office when I discovered I’m not in ketosis. I had a feeling but wasn’t sure. I could have cried.

He thinks maybe among a couple of other thoughts, that I possibly need to eat even less carbs, than originally thought. So now I’m going to aim for 15 grams of carbs per day.

In my upset and frustrated state, I told him if I don’t do anything else, I will get back in ketosis by the time I meet with him next week.

I tell ya what; it is not easy and quite humbling to have someone examine and analyze your weight and inches, your diet, your amount of exercise etc. I felt pretty down when I left the office, and had to do a lot of self-talk because I felt like I had failed…I know, there’s that word again. I’m glad I’m learning to catch it before it sticks in my heart and turns into a belief. 😁

I’m grateful though that at least my frustrations with so many things surrounding the situation translates into determination for me; after all, alot of my livelihood basically depends on this, especially the health of my brain.

Thanks for the prayers and support. Today was hard on me. I will keep pressing on though. Tomorrow is a brand new day.


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