Day 19: pork rinds, anyone?

..the things I get excited about these days–it makes me laugh!

It is 11:45pm and I just tested my ketones using the strips. I was so excited to discover I am in moderate ketosis! Woohoo!!

I have worked so hard to be diligent  with this ketogenic diet in the last week; even in the midst of my 6-day trip. Not easy! So I am proud of my success!

One of my secrets: Pork rinds. I am now known, I’m afraid, as the pork rinds queen! Haha

But seriously, does anyone know of any local places where  I could get some fresh/homemade fried pork rinds? If this is what helps keep me on track, than so be it! 😜

My birthday is tomorrow. I so would love some sugary dessert, but you know what? It’s not worth it! Tomorrow I will search out treats in fattening instead of sugary forms.

Cheers to keto success and bring on the pork rinds please! 🐷


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